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Here she is: This is your BUSY BEE LILLY HATS Owner!

General Manager

Brenda Andrus (Busybee)

Phone: 337 258-1666

Email: brenda_andrus@yahoo.com

or busybeelillyhats.biz


Allow me to tell you a bit about "Busy Bee Lilly" and how I got started with my business. I grew up wanting to be just like my mother Dorothy "Dot", who passed away in 1965 at the age of 30 of a disease call LUPUS.  Meaning my mother was a Smart Thinking Lady from what I was told and very pretty from what I saw in my family/relatives' photo albums. 


When she got out of a car she was dressed from HEAD to TOE HELLOOOOOOOOOOOO.   Now after telling folks who my mother was they was like, "Girl I knew your mother very well" I said FOR-REAL if so, tell me about my mother.  They would go on and on............ She wore matching suits like she just step out of a GQ Magazine she was a Lady that admired HATS and wore them well.  From a little girl I would always see ladies wearing hats either at: Church, picnic or a shopping mall in a different size, style and color.


Now that I'm growm I started collecting hats from Antiques Shops and Garage Sales around the "Deep South" part of Louisiana.  I just knew these hats were worth something to somebody one day.  For years I would tell my sisters: Gail, Martha and Naz I want to own my own business -didn't know if it would be in Business for others, a Clothing Line, Hats, Flowers, etc. I would say to myself (GOD will prevail).  So, one night in my sleep I saw a vision from God, woke up with the name "Busy Bee Lilly's" from him and I didn't completely understand it at all but it burn in my soul so strong that I knew I had to find out more about HATS real soon.


After talking and getting with many Hat Makers and Shops all over the "Deep South" I put together a line of hats that I felt people would like, have a taste for and would appreciate.  Meaning hand pick and one of a kind.  The rest is history. 


Now- view all pics if you like what you see call me at 337-258-1666 or send me an email.  Later for now Ms. Busy Bee ...........